Is zillow stealing your leads?

Again, Is Zillow Stealing Your Leads? No, but they aren't usually going to you first. Here's what I learned often happens which was my experience, and I was shocked!

I saw a house I was interested in and had questions about on Zillow. I clicked on the Contact Agent tab and within less than 30 seconds an Agent called me back. Wow, impressive!...but, it turns out it wasn't the Listing Agent, it was one of I don't know how many Agents the "lead" was sent to. 

About 4 hours later the Listing Agent contacted me, but I was already obligated to the Agent who helped me. So the Listing agent got half the commission and the "Quick Draw" Agent got half.

New Scenario: ChattyMattic's ZAP

But what if the Listing Agent had simply placed our ZAP Code in their listing and the BUYER scanned it FIRST because they saw an option for "a free gift" or "more Information" FIRST?

(Test drive our ZAP on the "Scan With Phone" ZAP image! Just open and point camera at ZAP code, tap magnifying glass if you have one, tap the pop-up notification and YOU'RE IN!)

The BUYER would have clicked "SCAN WITH PHONE" FIRST, to get their free gift! ...and in doing so the ZAP would have:

  • taken them directly into the Listing Agent's world
  • told them more about the house
  • gave them ALL the different ways to get more information
  • gave them MORE information about the Listing Agent (e.g., photo, etc.)
  • even allowed them to make an appointment, time and date, to view the house if they wanted...automatically
  • ALSO The Listing Agent:
  • gets the BUYERS NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, AND PHONE NUMBER! Automatically! MamaMia! There's GOLD IN THE LIST!

The Listing Agent gets an instant notification on her phone with BUYER'S name and phone number, and calls them back asap! They are happy! Listing Agent is happy because she now gets the full commission!!!

(At this point in our story, according to our data, most Agents SCROLL DOWN, skip and RUSH to the Order Form and IMMEDIATELY ORDER their personal ZAP to use on Zillow and multiple other places we educate you on!)

Don't get me wrong, in my experience the Quick Draw Agent I spoke with was very helpful and earned his commission. But I couldn't help but feel sorry for the Listing Agent. She actually had to answer the questions I had anyway by talking with the Quick Draw Agent who then relayed my questions and got the answers back to me. All because I didn't realize, like most Buyers, that hitting the Contact button will not likely get me the Listing Agent.

So my mind began to wonder how I could help my Listing Agent friends get those Leads first, thus DOUBLING their income. Since I am part of a Marketing agency, I am constantly evaluating ways to produce more leads, and leads equal sales.

I had an Ah-Ha moment! With one little photo addition to the photos of the houses, the Listing Agent can instantly get contacted BEFORE the Quick Draw Agent! BINGO. Listing Agent makes contact first, answers all their questions, and gets the FULL COMMISSION! So, who wants to MULTIPLY their COMMISSIONS by EASILY adding more SELLING commission's without more work?

Have you ever asked the other agent's client how they first saw the house, and they said, "Zillow"? But YOU are the Listing Agent...why didn't they call you first? Because you didn't capture their attention first! Now, with ZAP you can! Start multiplying your commissions with ZAP!

"Zillow is the most popular real estate website in the United States ..."