faq for Realtors: zap!

What is Chatty?

Chatty is an automated information delivery and COLLECTION system that performs a specific programmed series of tasks. 

How does Chatty work? 

Chatty responds automatically to someone scanning the QR code she provides you with. Each ZAP code is property-specific, And when someone scans the code, Chatty delivers the property information – with pictures – directly to their smartphone immediately. Chatty also delivers YOUR agent info at the same time. And CHATTY also COLLECTS the contact information of the prospect so you can follow up with them.

What information does Chatty collect?

Chatty collects the client's:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

What information does Chatty deliver?

Chatty delivers a summary of the typical information for a listing plus up to 6 pictures.

  • Your Contact Information
  • Pictures and Descriptions of the house right to their phone
  • A copy of your MLS Listing Information Sheet
  • Link to schedule a showing
  • Follow-Up Messages possible

What happens when I buy Chatty's service?

Chatty sends a link to a web form where you enter the listing information and the pictures you want to deliver to prospects. When you submit the form, we create a unique QR code for the property that holds the information you submitted. Then we send the code to you via email.

How long does it take for me to get the code?

In most cases you will receive the code usually within 4 hours during business hours, but we ask for a 24 hour lead time. 

 What happens if my listing expires?

If your listing expires, the service on that property ends. If you renew the listing (same property, same broker) the code and the service continue as before with no additional charge.

Can another realtor get a code for a property I have purchased a code for?

No. It’s first come, first served for our exclusive service.

Can another realtor get a code for a property I listed, if I DON'T get one myself?

Yes. (with permission) NEVER let someone steal your selling commission because you didn't spend $20!

Can I get a code for someone else’s listing?

Yes, (With their permission) If you know a realtor who just wants to list properties, make a deal with them for permission to use CHATTY on all their listings.

What makes Chatty a no-brainer?

Chatty delivers and collects information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While you sleep or vacation at the beach. Chatty delivers INSTANT GRATIFICATION to a HOT PROSPECT  right on their smartphone. Chatty is the next generation of voicemail - delivering and collecting information automatically.

What are some of the strategies to use Chatty?

Chatty’s service can be used in an incredible variety of ways. A few examples are:

  •              For your own personal listings
  •              For listings of other realtors within your brokerage
  •              Soliciting listings from FSBO
  •              Zillow, Realtor.com, etc.

Can more than one person be using the code at the same time?

Yes!  Each individual entry into the robotic conversation is unique and operated by massive servers and systems. 

Is Chatty really a robot?

Chatty is a chatbot which is an automated robotic chat that imitates human conversations through voice commands, text chats, or both. Conversations connect us...connectivity is the new currency! 

How does it work on Zillow or other web sites?

When someone is looking at your listing on Zillow, they will often hit the CONTACT AGENT button thinking they are contacting the Listing Agent.  But as you know, that lead goes to another realtor - and you get HALF the commission. When you upload the pictures of your listing, just include CHATTY'S code we provide you for the property. The prospect scans the code and YOU GET THE LEAD.

Is there a limit to how many I can do?

No! And Chatty can help your existing listings as well as your new listings!

Is there a refund?

There is no availability of a refund. We guarantee to provide you with a working code and chatbot, when you provide us with the needed information

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Who loves CHATTY?

100% of the people surveyed said that Chatty was more than paying for herself and they were happy with the results Chatty gave them.


Chatty is the automated way to handle all aspects of the marketing cycle, instead of hours of frustrating time on the phone or chasing cold leads. Chatty does everything...behind the scenes and automatically. 

What does it cost?

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Other Questions?

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What Are The Benefits?

Chatty gives you a Zillow® Advantage

When someone is looking at your listing on Zillow, they will often hit the CONTACT AGENT button thinking they are contacting the Listing Agent.  Within a minute, often another agent usually, calls them, helps them, and you get HALF the commission...why let that happen when you could DOUBLE YOUR COMMISSION!

Get their ATTENTION with our ZAP code and YOU make first contact with them!

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Chatty instantly connect you and the buyer, puts them in touch with you first, and automatically collects their information for you!