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Talk With Customers, Not At Them!

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Why You Must  Use Messenge!

Do you want to:

  • Generate more sales
  • Increase profits
  • Build a better relationship with customers

All without constantly having to invest more time and money into these areas?

Then let us show you how, using MESSENGER !

1.3 BILLION + people using Facebook Messenger & they prefer messaging over email. Ranked #1 over 9 other modes of communication.

Chatbots are the new KING of Customer Service across all ages - only 2% difference between Boomers, Gen Xers & Millennials.

53% say they are more likely to shop and do business with a company they can contact via a chat app.

Chatbots are ideal for
First Touch Marketing -
building Trust, Informing, and saving people time and money. They are THE natural soft sell.

Welcome to the New Era of Marketing


Automatically Create, Grow & Engage Leads, Then Track Leads & Sales

ChattyMatic Builds Relationships Between You and Your Customers

Use AI to Explode Your Business

Interact  Instantly In Automated Conversations Right On Their Phone!

What do you want? "I NEED..."

"We had a Rehabed House to flip that had sat on the market for months without selling. I designed (& built) my first chatbot & the house SOLD within 4 DAYS! FOUR DAYS! So I was SOLD on Chatbots!" Now I'm getting my own Realtor License too."

"I thought I wanted a Chatbot Agency...then I saw how much work & money it took to get it off the ground. But I loved the idea of helping local businesses. So I became an Affiliate first, then a Franchise Owner! Now I get to do the part I love!" P.S. CLICK THE BUTTON ABOVE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO SEE IF THIS IS RIGHT FOR YOU!

Terry McKee

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Engage Your Customers 24/7 ~ Even When You Aren't There

Messenger Automation combined with our OPTIMIZED Content & Targeted Facebook Ads get results.

Instantly, automatically connect & reply to your existing and potential customers with multiple touch points. Customer Interaction Automation. Use our Super Robot!

ChattyMatic Gets Results! FACT: People spend more time on Messaging Apps than on
Social Media!
• Any Business Will Grow With Chatty, Using Social Media and Bots.

WE HELP YOU CREATE THE PERFECT flex-spend marketing plan, no matter what your budget to create an audience that converts into customers

We develop your Strategic Marketing Plan:

  • Evalutation
  • Priorities & Goals
  • Organization

We get traffic through Specific Strategy Points:

  • Unique Selling Position-USP
  • Customer Avatars
  • Consistent Marketing

We Track & Measure Marketing Success

  • Lead Tracking
  • Performance: Metrics & KPI's
  • Lead Management

PREselling vs. Selling

We refine and enhance Traffic Entry Points:

  • Social Media
  • Smart Phone Integration
  • Videos
  • Marketing "Touches"
  • Messenger Automation
  • Brick & Mortar Marketing
  • Community Engagement
  • Audio & Podcast
  • Email Marketing
  • Website & SEO

Benefit-Driven Web Copy

Growth Hacking


chatBots Boost Business

"Engage with the conversation your audience is already having...where they want to have it!" ~ Molly Pittman