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The Independent


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✔︎ FREE Starter Sign

✔︎Starter ChatBot*

Now you can experience the newest technology we provide for Realtors, but now designed uniquely to sell houses For Sale By Owner!

  1. Potential Buyers get one-click information about your home delivered to their phone through our patent-pending "Info/For Sale Sign"
  2. After you order, (usually within 2 hours) visit the Activated Facebook Page for your house. The Facebook page is set up showing your house is for sale. It is also set up to take inquiries from interested buyers.
  3. We have installed our sample FSBO Starter Chatbot by ChattyMatic for your to preview. Just hit "Send Message" on the page to enter the sample bot. 
  4. We also do some organic advertising for your house. All leads come straight to your phone through Messenger!

Buyers can open a conversation with our chatbot that provides minimum information about the house. The Partner, next level up, gives complete and detailed information about the house, as much as you care to share.

Please note there are some features like collecting email and phone number, getting when they need to move, are they from out of town, automated pre-scheduled appointment selection to view the house, etc., that are not available with the starter version. Upgrade to The Partner or Professional for these features.

Using our free tools, potential buyers get automated answers to their questions about your house through our automated flow. And you get information about them. They determine their interest in the house and you know where they are in the buying process.

Communication is available through Facebook Messenger, the newest, most desired platform for Home Buyers! There are 1.3 BILLION users on messenger...you should be promoting your house for sale on Facebook and Messenger.

There are no refunds or chargebacks for this product. If you choose to not accept the Facebook Page and Starter Chatbot, those leads may be sold to a local Realtor (Realtor Fees apply if you accept the lead through a Realtor). 

We have installed this technology for you and set up the starter template for you to preview. If you like what you see, please consider an upgrade to The Partner for Active Marketing! There we will fully customize the chatbot with your images and all additional information you want to convey to the potential buyer. And collect information from your potential buyer.

The patent-pending ChattyMatic sign with a unique entry portal to the chatbot we customize for your home is the NEXT step to "Selling Your Home FASTER Than a Realtor!"

The Partner


(was $499)

Get your Upgrade! All-Pro Features & Support Coordinators Technology to Closing!



✔︎ EVERYTHING in The Independent


✔︎.Full Size Professional Sign (new photos coming soon)

✔︎.Professional Facebook Page

✔︎ PRO FSBO Chatbot (with our 6 Month Follow up sequence!)
***BONUS: Free Bot Upgrade

✔︎ PRO Facebook Ad Templates

✔︎ Exclusive FB Page Area Listing

✔︎ FREE FSBO Home Selling Automation Secrets Guide

Level II tools include us doing the work for you.

  1. Our Eye-Catching Sign you put in your yard draws Buyers to your house...because it is unusual at first... then they see how easy it is to get the information they want delivered right on their phone without getting a wet or missing flyer, getting voice mail, getting a secretary, getting forgotten, etc.
  2. Professional Facebook Page that lets Facebook users know your house is for sale.
  3. Full version Pro FSBO Chatbot by ChattyMatic completed by us and fully installed and monitored for six months. With this version you collect: Full Name, Email, and Phone Number verified with Facebook. You'll get an instant notification, HOT LEAD, everytime a potential Buyer inquires about the house. Plus, we can even set up a scheduled appointment to view the house for them that you have pre-selected.
  4. BONUS! We also will give you our FSBO Home Selling Automation Secrets guide (HSAS).

Easily collect interested buyers! Our patented ChattyMatic sign stops traffic...buyers all stop to see what is different about this house.

We activate a Facebook Page all about your house. We'll put all the information at a Buyers fingertips.

The Pro Chatbot can contain a wealth of information with you supplying as much detail as you want about your house.

Qualify Leads Automatically

Don't use a standard for sale sign that does little to make your house stand out. Potential buyers will drive by, misplace your phone number, or get voice mail & hang up.

Chatty's sign replaces flyers that get wet or stolen. Plus when people scan the sign, you get their information and are able to contact them later! No comparison to the old fashioned flyer.

The FSBO HSAS will give you an idea about how power Facebook Ads are.  How they draw attention to the Facebook page and Messenger Bot to inform the buyer and collect data.

There are no refunds or chargebacks for this product. If you choose to not accept the Facebook Page and Starter Chatbot, those leads may be sold to a local Realtor (Realtor Fees apply if you accept the lead through a Realtor).


Our Pro FSBO Chatbot is amazing. If people do not express immediate interest in your house immediately, we automatically follow up in a non-intrusive way people appreciate. (see below for more!)

The Professional


(was $999)

MLS Ultimate Homebuyer Reach to Potential Buyers for your House...The Ultimate Selling Machine!

Fire on Apple iOS 12.2PAY $0 COMMISSIONFire on Apple iOS 12.2

Save $$$Thousands$$$ and get

the same exposure as a Realtor

gives, but you can keep the commission*!



✔︎ EVERYTHING in The Independent

✔︎ EVERYTHING in The Partner


✔︎.Custom Facebook Ads (6 months)

...✔︎.***MLS Listing (where available)***

 ✔︎.FREE Additional Online Listing Sites

✔︎.Pro Email Marketing

You get everything in Level II, plus:

  1. We Run Facebook &/or Instagram Ads for your house that generate targeted leads, people interested in buying your house.
  2. Full 6 month listing on your local MLS, Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, & over 50 more sites.

We keep up with changing algorithms & FB policies. Plus we run precise, targeted ads with FB Messenger integration.

There are over 1.2 BILLION people on Facebook...You only need to reach One Right Buyer for your house.

We greatly increase your odds!

Lead Generation For Pennies!

Get the "Unfair Advantage" over other sellers.

Instant communication 24 hours a day! You can't always be there, but your buyers still have questions that need to be answered...NOW! Statistics show, if you don't respond within 5 minutes, they often move on to another house on their list. PERIOD. They're gone. (see below for more!)

So let us show you how to connect with them instantly, 24/7 to Sell Your House Fast!

Plus, we send daily through 3x per week follow-ups so they don't forget your house! This is so important.

People look at many houses before they buy. Sometimes they forget the first ones they saw. But not with our automated reminders (see below for more!).

We keep those photos right in front of them. We highlight your house's best features and remind the Buyers about them until they let us know we can stop.

Buyers appreciate this friendly way to keep in touch. (see below for more!)

There are no refunds or chargebacks for this product unless your area isn't available for some reason beyond our control.

 If you choose to not accept the Facebook Page and Starter Chatbot, those leads may be sold to a local Realtor (Realtor Fees apply if you accept the lead through a Realtor).

*If you are contacted by a realtor who has been contacted by their client who saw your listing, the realtor may ask you to sign a 1% - 3% commission agreement if they show your house to their client and their client buys. This is negotiable by you! If a buyer comes to you without an agent, you save the entire 6%+ commission!


You get FREE ORGANIC Facebook exposure! Don't laugh. Most of our inactive  pages get an average of 8 page views a month. Now they just have to click "Send Message" and you may be moving soon!


You don't have to feel like you are pushing them by calling them for a decision. That's annoying. People need to take their time before making this big decision. If they want, they can unsubscribe. Or they may have just gotten busy and need more time.

We keep your house in front of them. They won't forget you! When they are available, they'll contact you by phone or our automated scheduler to come see what your house has to offer.


We also include a FREE Facebook Ads Tutorial if you want spend time on DIY marketing and save money. OR choose our Professional Level, complete with ***MLS listing***, and we'll put ALL automation to work for you!


Facebook's members are highly connected! The potential exposure for your house is huge. One person my see the ad who is not looking for a house, but her friend or mother is. Bingo, They spread the word.

You also get a copy of the ultimate guide to selling your home yourself: "Sell Your House Faster Than A Realtor & Keep the $$$ Commission $$$  ------EXPERT------AUTOMATED Home Marketing MASTERPLAN™ by Terry Sue McKee. This book normally sells for $25, but your copy is included for FREE! (CURRENTLY BACKORDERED!)

The SALES POWER of ChattyMatic

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