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What Are The Benefits?

Chatty automates the entire process, which means you don’t waste time dealing with maintenance issues. Instead of listening to tenants complain, and listening to maintenance people complain, then listening to fussing about why it hasn’t been fixed yet, and then listening to maintenance team excuses, and pulling your hair out dealing with it over and over and over again, Chatty does it all for you.

Chatty takes the original report 24/7!

The report comes in from the tenant and is time stamped, making a permanent record of what is reported and when.

Chatty guides the tenant through diagnosing the nature of the problem. 

That gives everyone involved better and more complete information, which prevents wasted maintenance team responses for frivolous issues, which saves them time. Often, the tenant can simply reset a breaker to fix the problem. Chatty guides them in doing this, saving time and money for the complex.

It also gives the maintenance team concise information and allows them to respond correctly on the first trip by taking the tools and materials they need. This saves everyone – tenants and maintenance people - time and trips. 

Notifies all interested parties with one click from the tenant.


  • Begins with an alert on your cell phone and can be sent to multiple parties without any additional steps for the tenant
  • Gives the tenant (and you) a record of the report
  • Alerts the maintenance team 
  • Schedules the response visit (if you want her to)
  • Notifies the property manager of the report
  • Notifies upper management of the report (if you want her to)
  • Keeps permanent legal records to protect against unfounded negative social media slander and against frivolous lawsuits.

Chatty works behind the scenes and she does it all automatically.

You never have to spend one more phone call dealing with maintenance headaches.

How does it save my time?

Statistics show that the average apartment complex manager in America spends over 8 hours a week dealing with maintenance headaches. On the phone listening to complaints from tenants, fighting with maintenance people or explaining to the tenants why it hasn’t been corrected yet. That represents TWENTY PERCENT of your total time every week. Take a break! Shoot some hoops or paint your nails! Let Chatty deal with it.

How does it pay for itself?

The average Property Manager in America makes $62,500 a year. Divide that by 260 workdays in a year is $240 a day. Since over 8 hours a week is spent on maintenance headaches, that means $240 per week is being spent dealing with maintenance headaches, instead of beneficial things. That’s almost $1,000 a month. Chatty pays for herself ten times over.

Can more than one person be using it at once?

Yes. Each individual entry into the robotic conversation is unique and operated by massive servers and systems.

How does it schedule with the maintenance tech or team?

Chatty has an integrated system that allows tenants to make an appointment according to the maintenance tech's customized blocks of time they designate for appointments.

How do I know what's happening?

Chatty keeps everyone informed at every step of the way!

How does it prevent false issues?

With frivolous, time wasting things like "My hair dryer stopped working", Chatty directs the tenant to do some diagnosing of the problem before filing the report. Chatty says: "Please check the GFI plugs in the kitchen to be sure they are not popped, and are still working." Then, if that doesn't correct the problem, Chatty says: "Please check the circuit breakers and reset them." This involves the tenant in the issue and requires them to do more than just report their hair dryer stopped working. About ninety percent of the time, frivolous issues are corrected without a maintenance request ever being filed.

What if there is an issue it doesn't cover?

Chatty’s maintenance program was written by a team of Property Managers. It covers everything they had ever encountered plus things they believed might be encountered. In Chatty’s response to the tenant, there is also a way to report an issue that isn’t specifically addressed. In the event you encounter any such issue, just let Chatty know and the program will be updated to include it next time.

How do I give feedback?

When the repair is complete, Chatty sends the tenant a survey, which includes an opportunity to give their own feedback. This technique allows managers to deal with complaints in a non-public way until the tenant is happy, and is ready to give a good and positive review. The review can be published to show how much your apartment complex cares about it's tenants. Using Chatty, you are automatically managing your social media reputation.

Can Chatty be customized?

Yes, there are customization options! We want Chatty to accurately represent YOUR policies.

Are there other services Chatty can do?

Yes! Chatty has a broad variety of services she provides and she develops new services regularly, as love for her grows. Feel free to make an appointment (click here) to talk about anything you would like Chatty to help you with. No obligation! Chatty just loves to help.

Is Chatty really a robot?

Chatty is a chatbot which is an automated robotic chat that imitates human conversations through voice commands, text chats, or both. Conversations connect us...connectivity is the new currency! Chatty provides a contact-free method to handle maintenance issues while protecting everyone involved from possible exposure to germs and disease. Chatty is Covid-19 safe!

How does Chatty protect against lawsuits?

There are over 100 MILLION lawsuits filed in America every year. As any Property Manager can tell you, one of the most common complaints when a tenant is unable to pay their rent, is to claim something is broken and hasn’t been addressed or fixed. Even though every professional lease in America says that isn’t a valid reason not to pay rent, people still do it. And the fact is – some of them win in court using that strategy. It’s also true that most professional leases require maintenance requests be submitted in writing – for this exact reason – but reality is that almost everyone allows tenants to call on the phone when something is broken. It’s just human nature.

Chatty bypasses all of that by requiring tenants to use the robot conversation to report issues. This automatically records when the issue was first reported, and what the issue is – so it can’t miraculously change later. Chatty also records what the response is and when, and when the issue is resolved. All automatically. With Chatty’s records, you have no worries about unfounded lawsuits about maintenance headaches and unpaid rent.

So, how does Chatty protect against lawsuits, short answer? Third-Party Verification! Your seal of approval to the court verifying the authenticity and quality of your testimony in case of eviction and negligent lawsuits.

Does Chatty keep permanent records?

Each conversation is saved on both the tenant's phone, the Maintenance Manager's phone, and at Chatty HQ. A tenant may erase the conversation from his phone, but it will not erase the conversation from Chatty or the Manager's records. Each submission is also automatically summarized for records. Chatty will also give you an Authorized Affidavit of the records if you should ever need one for Court.

How much does it cost?

There are two options in acquiring Chatty’s services. Individual complexes may hire Chatty for $99 per month, in a month-to-month manner. There is no contract or any obligation to continue using Chatty. Chatty knows that everyone she works for loves her.

A second method is offered to Corporations that have more than three complexes. Such Corporate clients may enroll all of their properties in Chatty’s service for $49.50 per month, for each complex. This allows such companies to have Chatty work for them at half the normal price. 

How do I cancel my trial period or subscription?

Chatty never has a contract required for her to help you. If you decide you don't love Chatty, at any time, just email us and let us know you want to cancel. We will email you a confirmation number back for your records.


 "Notification must be received a minimum of five (5) business days prior to billing date. Cancellation in accordance with the time requirement stops any additional billing. Existing service continues until the end of the monthly cycle and terminates on next unpaid billing date. There is no refund for partial service months, as each month’s service is paid in advance and is provided in full following cancellation notification."

Cancel Subscription Here

Is there a way to tell Chatty how much I love her?

Chatty loves to hear from people who appreciate her work. There is a button on the website you can click to tell her you love her. When you tell her that you love her, Chatty will respond to you and send you a thank you gift.

Who all loves Chatty?

100% of the people surveyed said that Chatty was more than paying for herself and they were happy with the results Chatty gave them.


For Apartment property managers who are sick of dealing with maintenance headaches, Chatty is the automated way to handle all aspects of the maintenance cycle, instead of hours of frustrating time on the phone. Chatty does everything...behind the scenes and automatically. 

What is the process after I sign up for my FREE 60 day trial?

When you give Chatty a Trial, we send you an Onboarding Form for your custom information.

We customize Chatty for you and show you how to use all Chatty's features.

We provide everything you need to upgrade your apartment complex to Chatty.

Chatty goes to work behind the scenes allowing you more time happily ever after!

Notice For Asset Managers and Property Owners

Chatty keeps Property Managers and Property Management Companies honest! You can integrate and print a weekly or monthly report showing all Tenant Maintenance Request for that month. Just compare it with your list of addresses that had maintenance cost assigned to them each week/month and compare it to Chatty's report of per unit maintenance request...no more washing machines coming in the front door and being immediately handed out the back! (This was an actual even at one apt. complex!)

Other Questions?

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